MB Harley Street Centre
MB Harley Street Centre
Standard Terms and Conditions


SERVICE The services of MB Harley Street Centre (MBHSC) constitute an introductory and booking service that enables the public to arrange and schedule appointments with third party medics. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MB HARLEY STREET CENTRE ITSELF DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE OR CARE.
CHARGES Accounts are due as indicated on the invoice under "Terms of Invoice". Interest will be charged at 0.4% per week on amounts overdue and debited weekly. Without prejudice to any of MBHSC's other rights or remedies, failure to pay an outstanding invoice after 3 month of issue will automatically invalidate the right to use any ongoing MBHSC service, but the account charge (with interest) would still be payable.
LIABILITY The maximum liability of MBHSC for any incident, howsoever caused, shall be limited to the amount accruing under contract for that incident. Under no event shall MHSC's total cumulative liability to a client for all incidents exceed the net amount actually paid, directly or indirectly, to MBHSC by the client (i.e. after deducting any amount repaid by MBHSC to the client). In no event shall MBHSC be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages, even if MBHSC had been specifically informed of the possibility of such damages.
The client is prevented from employing (directly or indirectly), or utilizing the services of, any employee of MBHSC, who was employed by MBHSC during the period which the client was using any MBHSC service, except with the written agreement of an MBHSC director.
LAW All contracts are construed and governed by English law with all disputes resolved via mutually agreed mediation in England. If any portions of these terms are construed to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall not be affected and remain fully enforceable. These terms may only be amended in a written contract between you and an authorised director of MBHSC. All other rights are reserved by MBHSC.
Notes: [a] Regulated institutions and individuals are automatically pre-approved for 30 days credit terms.
[b] All services are invoiced for in Pounds Sterling (£). Any locally applicable VAT / sales tax / customs duty will be added at the current rate.
[c] Prices subject to change without notice.
[d] Errors and Omissions Exempted (EOE).