MB AgriTech
MB AgriTech
Scalable AgriTech for Sustainable Living - Tackling a Global Challenge
“Limitless possibilities with boundless imagination”
Dr. Mamdouh Barakat, Founder, MB Group
Strategic Aims
  • Research and development of optimal methods and techniques to reverse desertification.

  • Using solar panels to assist in reviving arid land.

  • Developing cost effective horizontal and vertical hydroponic techniques for arid land for improved food productivity and water utilisation.

  • Organic indoor vertical hydroponic farming (urban agriculture) to achieve huge crop productivity in a small footprint of land, with minimal power, waste and water.

  • Aquaponics combining plant hydroponics with tilapia fish for mutual benefit.

  • Seawater farming (fish aquaculture and salt tolerant plants) with 100% solar power.

  • Plant selection, especially heat and salt tolerant (halophyte) plants.

  • On-site desalination using solar power.

  • Solar powered atmospheric water harvesting.

  • Energy storage (batteries and thermal energy store) to provide energy security.

  • Solar panels and energy storage to enhance energy security for food production.

  • Using artificial intelligence (Ai) alongside data from remote monitoring systems to optimise crop selection and the growing environment, aided by mobile applications.